Friday, March 13, 2015

FRIDAY'S DIGEST: Fertility Facts, News and Views - Cancer Treatment and Fertility

Women of childbearing age and men battling cancer, will sadly find that their infertility is affected due to cancer treatment.

Cancer treatment can affect fertility in a number of ways although it largely depends on the age, type of medication used, type of cancer and target area for chemotherapy or radiation.

Infertility can be permanent or temporary although it can never be determined how soon it will be restored.

This is why women and men diagnosed with cancer have been preserving their fertility. Women are freezing embryos, having parts of their ovaries frozen or take a hormone which puts their ovaries into temporary menopause, while men are doing sperm banking, which simply involves collecting a sample of semen and freezing it.

I learnt as recently as yesterday, on a local newscast, that there seem to be a new drug that can be administered to women at the time of their cancer treatment, which also freezes the ovaries until cancer treatment is completed so that later when a woman decides to have children, her ovaries will be unaffected by her cancer treatment, making it possible and safe to conceive.

Apparently this finding is very new because I was not able to find any further information online. I will continue to check, so stay tuned for more on this.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Growth is such a liberating experience and this is why today, I am grateful for Growth.

I remember not so long ago, being affected by everything, if someone gave me a constructive criticism I would see it as a personal attack. I was extremely defensive of my stammer and if I walk pass a group of people and they were laughing and talking, no one could convince me that they were not talking about me (how important would I need to be?). I was so obsessed with seeking people's approval and having everyone like me.

Well, I am so happy to say, I am no longer that person. I no longer seek people's approval and does not care so much  what others think or want to say about me. I march to the beat of my own drum and love and embrace all of me - my curves, my edges, my freckles and all my limitations because you know what, our limitations keep us grounded, humble and connected to our source. I don't know about you, but I choose to attribute this liberation to growth.

For those of us who are Christians, growth is equally important and critical to our Christian walk. Growth is how we know that our lives are matching up to God's will. For the pass two weeks, my local Church has being doing a series on 'A time for Celebration' - Walking into our Rest. For their obedience and faithfulness, God promised the Israelites a time of rest and restoration after they settled in the land he had promised them. At that time, they were not to cultivate the land at all but it would still  provide for them even though they were doing no planting. He also instructed them to mark seven times of those seven years (every fifty years) as a celebration of Jubilee - a time when they were to rest from their labors, no planting or harvesting and all slaves bought, should be sent back to their families. He also instructed that all properties sold be restored to its original owner. This was to be a year of restoration and rest (Leviticus 25 V 1-32).  The account of the Israelites journey to the promised land, did not by any means said it was easy, there were times when they grumbled against God and second guessed His will for them.

In the same way, in order for us to receive our rest, restoration and blessings from our Lord, growth must take place, and this mainly is, being obedient to God's divine will for our lives, this is no easy task, as we see regarding the children of Israel, but He promises to to be with us every step of the way. He so wants to give us rest and bestow blessings on us, but we must show him that we are growing sufficiently in him to handle every good thing that he promises us.

Have a grateful day, and a day being mindful of the power growth.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) symptoms improve as a woman gets older.

As a sufferer of PCOS ( a condition with symptoms including cysts on the ovaries, resulting in very irregular menstrual cycles and infertility), I have been noticing that my symptoms have drastically improved and have also been wondering if this is as a result of age.

Turns out I was totally on point. I am part of a Facebook PCOS support group and I did see it mentioned in a comment thread, that PCOS symptoms do improve as women get older, and so I decided to do my own research.

And so it is, according to research, as a woman ages, her PCOS symptoms do improve. Some sex hormones and  menstrual cycles improve and as a result,  older women with PCOS find it easier to become pregnant. This evidence also led the researchers to believe that women diagnosed with PCOS goes into menopause later, than those who are not diagnosed.

This is indeed great news. However, there is also not so good news. It is found too, that women diagnosed with PCOS, as they gets older, had greater C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, impaired glucose metabolism and insulin resistance and these levels seemed to worsen with age. This brought about the conclusion that women with PCOS face life-long health risks, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and metabolic problems. Proper diagnosis and management of PCOS is therefore recommended.

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